Sunday, March 8, 2009

hello world


so i've had a few blogs in the past and i usually stop after a few weeks and then I feel like I can't come back to it so i just start a new one. (i know that's kinda weird). 

well i'm sticking with this one for real. all the way.

It has the same name as my etsy shop, which i'm currently getting ready to launch. (i've had etsy shops in the past too). 

So this is just going to be about my life. things i like, what i'm working on and occasionally things i don't like. 

tonight we're starting with things i like, so in the style of julie andrews...

-soy chai lattes (have one right now)
-listening to the rain
-reading a really great book
-having picnics with my friends
-taking road trips
-sending my friend jess a million bumper stickers on facebook
-watching live music
-going to movies at midnight opening day
-laying in the grass

now you have a better idea of me. 

i've been in love with ben kweller's new album ever since i heard it. I'm going to go listen to it as i fall asleep.

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