Thursday, December 31, 2009

I got home (Purdue) went to work, came home and started organizing. whew! More cleaning, purging and organizing tomorrow. It feels so good.

I just spent a few minutes browsing etsy and found some wonderful things...

This print of Max from "Where the Wild Things Are" is beautiful. I wish some of my friends had kids because I want to sew someone a Max outfit.

I've wanted these shoes forever... I may have blogged them before.

I still want them.

These earrings are adorable

This headband is cute, and just made out of felt... i might have to try this.

This is very dark and delicate. If i ever have a house with a formal living room I want it to be painted grey, yellow furniture, black carpet. and then full of things like this, and those things with the dead bugs. perfectly gothic and creepy. You can find this doily here.

I can't wait for tomorrow. :) Have a safe and happy new year.

all for now.

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