Monday, December 14, 2009

paper heart

tonight i watched the half real documentary half made up documentary

it was lovely. Go to the videos tab and watch the one titled "playground" so flipping cute.

I feel like Michael Cera is wonderful (plus adorable) and I love anything he makes.

In personal art news i've been thinking about buying ornate/tacky old frames to house my work. I think it would be interesting and another part of who I am - antiques.

today on modcloth the listed these new tights that i want oh so bad.

aren't they adorable???

in real life... today i took my only final for the semester so I'm done. ahhhh (a sigh of relief).

And i got back my art history research paper and I got an A yay!!!! I worked so hard and was so proud of it, i'm really glad that my professor liked it.

all for now.

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