Wednesday, January 20, 2010


First of all here is some lovely little bits from Something's Hiding in Here, they were on their Flickr today, you should look at more of them.

This organizing system from Three Potato Four is to die for (the next few things are all from them).

I wish I had a use right now for these so i could justify buying them.

these boxes are adorable and would be great to deliver my Christmas Cookies in, with some big red ribbon.

And you can never have enough skeleton keys. am I right?

and now on a completely different note; a few weeks ago my friend said i should watch the TV series Kings on hulu, and I mean it's not like i have work or classes... haha. but amidst all my activities, in about 3 weeks I watched all of season 1 (which will sadly be the only season - canceled). It was so good. It's not like the deepest or most profound thing i've ever seen, I already know the story of King David (from the Bible) it was nice to see it portrayed in a modern way.

well that's all i've got for now, time for bed!

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