Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i can't help put find goodies

these shoes are absolutely fabulous. i love the patterns... maybe a purchase during the summer when i'm working full-time. made byosborn

this tape is so lovely i want it in every color. found here, but it's everywhere on etsy

I'm getting ready to watch this movie. its called Dodsworth and i've heard lovely things, but the best news is that it's on hulu.

My best friend calin has a niece vivian, and it was her birthday a few weeks ago and her mom (grandma to Viv) made this adorable cake. it's so great. she also has a blog that's pretty fabulous.

I've been wanting another tattoo lately, one that's just cute (i kind of have a feeling thats a bad idea though). anyways i was looking through some on weheartit today and found these goodies.

I should be working on homework, but i'm going to watch a bit of this movie first. haha

i leave you with an image from the breakfast club. {i love duckie}

all for now

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