Friday, May 14, 2010


it's a lovely day here in west lafayette and the sun is shining. it really does just make everything better when the sun comes out from hiding.

I knew it was summer yesterday when i could reach out the car window and feel the heat radiating from the pavement.

I went to the movies today; i saw "letters to juliet" with my friends allie and beps. it was cute and predictable but the italian countryside was breathtaking.

image found here

i'm working on making a dress right now. I bought that pattern for amanda's dress (i'm making my bridesmaid dress) but I thought i would make a test dress first. I'm hoping to work a lot on it over the weekend and on monday and tuesday. here is the package photo. it's a vogue designer pattern and just lovely.

one of my favorite blogs that everyone should follow is "A Collection a Day, 2010" it's really just a simple photo of something that she has a collection of every day. the images are lovely and simple and just pleasing. here are a few of my favorite recent images.

I will post a few images of my final soon. I really am proud of it.

I am also considering submitting some of my work for Elsie's shop Red Velvet Art. They are looking for things to include in the fall season and i think my journal will be done soon so that's exciting and i think it's perfect for their style.

all for now.

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