Thursday, August 19, 2010

august 19

new finds:

these lovely prints are made on vintage dictionary pages. so lovely. made by fauxkiss

this cat is adorable. found in we think we can's shop

this cowl is found in the house of hemp's shop, but i will make my own for fall/winter.


i'm going to post things to my shop in the coming week. it seems crazy to think that i can do this. I'm also considering buying add space in some blogs for november & december {when people do their christmas shopping}.

to do:
throw a fabulous baby shower tomorrow
finish organizing my apt.
edit photos for etsy


  1. Love it all!! You can check off the 'throw fabulous baby shower' off your list!! You did that with true panache!! Thank you!
    BTW, please, an etsy link on your blog!

  2. and fabulous baby shower it twas!
    You are the BEST!

  3. p.s. OMG I want that cowl. Such amazingness.
    Things to do:
    learn how to knit!!!