Sunday, October 17, 2010

ahhh back to the blog.

i am going to get a little personal here, but i think it's ok.

I've felt so overwhelmed for the past few weeks. I never want to do anything i just want to sleep or watch a movie. today i've decided to get out of my funk once and for all.

my list of things to do is quite long but i'm very excited. {no time constraints on myself, i would just like to finish these things by the end of the semester.}

To do:
-clean my apt and get rid of things i don't need
-finish 3 artists a week for LA art history class
-sew a nightgown
-visit jess in nashville
-go to bible study on monday nights
-make david's quilt
-learn to knit {socks, sweaters, reading patterns}
-finish 50 states journal
-sponsor a blog during december {elsie or i go by katie}
-get ready for guatemala
-make leggings
-work on curating the two shows for lala
-FINALLY list on etsy
- bake 3 new kinds of bread
-start journaling
-exercise 2 times a week

phew. that was quite a list but i feel good and more organized with it all written down. it's a mix of personal, relational, physical, artistic, basically everything that's me.

all for now.

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