Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Studio Final

Parts of a Whole

There are three things that I love about this body of work.

1. The nature of the female form in art.

2. The hands on application of cyanotype.

3. The tactile-ness of the fabric.

This is my first time doing a self-portrait series that is about my body; so I am opening up more than previously. I am also an Art History major and the female form has a long history of being objectified and then reclaimed. (See the attached page for some of my favorite works by various artists throughout history.) Continuing this tradition, but from a female perspective, is an important way to continue the dialogue about how femininity fits into art.

Alternative and historical processes have always been my favorite media. I am a visual learner and therefore love applying my own chemistry to whichever material I choose. Mixing the chemicals and soaking the fabric gives me more enjoyment in printing. I can see the imperfections of the fabric, and where I missed a spot. It’s truly more rewarding than buying paper.

Finally I just love being able to touch and see through my images. The feeling of fabric far outweighs the feeling of paper. It also alludes to the female body again, by being soft and by starting out with a skin-toned fabric it connects the allusion.

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