Sunday, January 9, 2011

back from guatemala

I think it will take hours to upload my photos... haha. i need to invest in something that imports them faster... any suggestions?

I'm working on making a list of goals for the new year, and will post them when i am done and keep you updated on how i am doing.

I had a great time in Guatemala, it was so inspiring and educational. I seriously love learning and will have to keep learning once i'm not a student anymore. Which will be soon, because tomorrow i start my very last semester. It seems surreal that in a few months i won't be in school anymore. I'm determined to make this last semester my strongest work ever. I want it to be personal, beautiful, and tangible.

I will share photos of guatemala this week, and of baby Lailyn too! I get to see her tomorrow, which couldn't be a better way to start my week.

all for now.

1 comment:

  1. I believe you. This is going to be your strongest semester ever, I am sure of it. :)

    and Lailyn really enjoyed you starting off her week was pretty awesome. :)

    p.s. we got your and Jess's letter the other day. It is the last page to her pregnancy polaroid photobook you got with the stamp from guatemala posted as well :)