Wednesday, January 19, 2011

hello internet world, from a computer lab on campus.

This week is off to a wonderful start.

My laptop is getting fixed, which therefore will allow me to share photos of Guatemala and my pinhole camera that i'm building.

Right now i have work displayed in 3 galleries around town. Count em' THREE. you have no idea how proud i am to have a new teacher when doing roll call mention she has seen my work. It seriously made my week.

today i would love to share something from NPR - They have the entire new Decemberists album up to stream, which is great. I seriously love NPR. here is the link

have a great day.

all for now.


  1. oh goodness...I am so very proud of you.
    Please let me know where you work is up.
    We plan to go see it as a family night out asap :)

  2. In the TAF gallery downtown, and they just took the photo show down.

    I will tell you when the senior photo show is up, don't worry.