Friday, June 3, 2011

take time to read

take the time to read these two posts about artist's work being ripped off by UO. It makes me not like them very much. Will always look for vintage or handmade alternatives before purchasing from them, this only makes me want to try even harder.

and an article by the village voice (nyc)


  1. I read the one from Tru.che's and it seems like Moorea's post is gone now. :(

    I was so upset with Tru.che's because I look at her stuff regularly (though i can't afford to get anything.) lol

    UO is fast, hip, supposedly different fashion...

  2. Someone caused a storm last week on twitter, where she highlighted an artist who's work was obviously copied by UO, so many people re tweeted it, UO took this item off of their shop. I am shocked that Moorea recieved so much negativity.

  3. have you ever seen the website

    uo shows up on there all the time. it's a good read.