Friday, July 22, 2011

Testing a blog post via my iPhone

So I have now entered the grown up world I have my own cell phone plan with an iPhone and everything.

So the house I live at has no AC. And yeah it's kinda hot invade you haven't noticed.

I'll be back with a wishing Wednesday post later.

All for now


  1. omg! our house was built in 1902... no a/c... we have one unit.. it's not even in a window... they specifically made it just for the unit.... a little whole in the wall. it's a one & a half story, so the "attic" is our bedroom, but we haven't slept there in days............. i can totally understand you! and to top it off... we have an old school large box tv... no cable... just basic channels w/ the convertor box that we don't want tv at all for the past 5 or so mths...we recently got internet... land line phone w/ no call waiting or caller id.... our family pretty much is annoyed and wonders... but our ancestors lived w/o these technologies for sooooooo many years... we should b able to, too! however, i do love the iphone photo apps. i drool when i see any vintage instragam whatever it's call photo app. alright.. stay cool!

  2. Yay it works! And ahhh, I feel you! We don't have AC either until today! My parents really wanted one so they dug up this ancient one from our basement. Yay 70's cooling systems lolz

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