Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why Coffee

So today I wanted to write about why I believe in coffee, which needs a little backstory.

When I was a senior in High School my best friend, Erika, and I started to learn about human rights issues, and specifically the genocide in Sudan. We were appalled that no one at school had ever mentioned it and that no one at church had either. We couldn't believe that people could just live their lives normal and not take action. 

We went to different colleges and as time moved on started to become the people we wanted to be. Erika will be moving to CA to do ministry with racial reconciliation. 

I became upset with "the church" because I couldn't believe that they wouldn't do anything about this, until I came to Campus House. It's the church that I'm now an intern with. 

I kept researching aid groups and trying to see if anyone was really helping anyone, not just Sudan. My church opened a coffee shop and for the first time I began to really learn about coffee and all the specifics of fair trade vs. direct trade. 

In all of my research I've come to the conclusion that coffee really can change the world. When direct trade is in place people get the tools and money to grow the best coffee possible and can usually afford to educate themselves and their children. Education is the key to ending things like genocide. I really believe in ministries that help people learn a tool they can be proud of and give them something to work for, and coffee is one of those things. 

all for now. 

If you have any coffee questions let me know.


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  1. Wow that's great to know. It's true that sometimes we just forget that the rest of the world is on fire (literally and metaphorically.)

    I'm glad you found Campus House and that works for you. :)