Thursday, December 15, 2011

the ceremony

the ceremony was lovely and modeled after a quaker wedding. we asked our guests to prepare something to say, either a piece of advice from their own marriage, a passage of scripture, or a story about us.

We wanted our small guest list (60 people) to be involved rather than just watching us get married. Our marriage is about us, but it's also about the people we live our lives with. It's about our friends and families helping us unite as one. 

I always knew i wanted to get married outside. And recently I knew it had to be in the fall. So we had it at the farm where we now live. and it's so perfect to have our wedding be at the place where we live everyday.

we got married in the same place we stood on our first date. Under a huppah, the symbol of "home" in a jewish wedding ceremony. 

our parents spoke first.

my little brother



happy couple

two best friends and my hubby. :) couldn't be more happy.


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