Sunday, January 8, 2012

my holiday break pt. 1

The week before Christmas i had the oportunity to travel to Chicago to work at two different homeless shelters in the city and help them get ready for Christmas. They recieve a ton of donations and need volunters to sort and wrap all the gifts.

The shelters are run by a Christian living Commune called Jesus People USA. {JPUSA for short} it was started in the 70's and there are about 450 people that live together. By making the sacrifice of living communally and having a common purse they can support 5 shelters and many other ministries. It's a great place. 

My campus ministry takes a group of students there to help every week before Christmas {and has been for 23 years}. 

Here are some of my photos from my time in the city.

we happened upon a philharmonic concert at the old Chicago Public Library {my favorite place in the city}.

love this.

at cloud gate

so many toys


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