Thursday, May 24, 2012

natural substitutes.

I'm all about using safe natural alternatives to things instead of harsh chemicals, or a more healthy option when I'm baking Here are some that I've tried and love. 

bee pollen = allergy medicine

I love this. I put some honey into my spoon and then dip my spoon into the pollen. I start to feel the sinus pressure go away in about five minutes. It doesn't last as long as regular medicine, but it's completely natural. It can also be a substitute for your multivitamin. *Just be sure and get pollen that's local to your area, that's how it helps your seasonal allergies. 

apple sauce = butter

equal exchage, 1 cup = 1 cup. Only use this in cakes, if you're baking cookies or brownies it might not turn out the way you want, but in cakes it works perfectly. The cake will dry out faster, but for the first three days you can't even tell a difference. 

greek yogurt + salt = sour cream

My husband loves sour cream, but I don't like it so I found this one after we got married. I almost always have greek yogurt at home so this is a really simple solution. Some people even use it instead of mayo in chicken salad or egg salad. 

banana = egg

This also works in cakes and again is a equal exchange of 1=1.

baking soda = teeth whitener

I'm going to try this one starting this week. I use natural toothpaste (TOMS), but was looking for something to do since i drink so much coffee. Just brush in circles on your teeth for a few minutes once or twice a week before you brush your teeth. It won't make your teeth sensitive like most other whiteners.

If you have any other substitutes share them below I'd love to hear about them.


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