Saturday, May 5, 2012

weekend craft ideas {knitting}

So it's summer and all the students are done with finals and my life will slow down considerably. 

Purdue is my favorite in the summer. Campus is quite, you can find parking, and all the same people are here so you can really get to know someone.

So my friend Sheila is pregnant and since i'm much better at knitting now(I can read patterns). I want to make so many cute baby things for her! Here are two of my favorites i've found so far.

the cutest baby knit moccasins
found here but the pattern is here.

a sturdy baby blanket

you need a snack while knitting right? and who doesn't love brownies. make those peanut butter chocolate chip brownies and i'm all over that.

This cowl is super simple and I could make it in one day. Might be the perfect spring time cowl.

I'm looking for the perfect sweater to knit as my first sweater project and this is definitely a contender. 

this blanket might be a life long project, but it's just so lovely I want it now.  

I hope you are having a lovely weekend!



  1. :) you are too much, love you...

  2. Love the inspirational craft ideas dear!


    1. thanks so much. i looked at your blog and you have great outfit posts!