Wednesday, July 11, 2012

artist inspiration

Félix González-Torres

One of my favorite artists that I learned about during my Latin American Art History class. His work is phenomenal. 

He was born cuban, lived in Spain and Puerto Rico while growing up. His career began in New York and is greatly influenced by postmodern artist. He is also greatly influenced by his personal battle with AIDS. His art is interactive and time dependent. He needs the viewers to interact to gain meaning for his work. This is one of the main reasons why I love him. David and I saw his work last summer at the Art Institute of Chicago.

His work rotates around the concept of time and permanence. How temporary things are and how they deteriorate over time. 

One of his latest works is a photo of his empty bed. He had this displayed on billboards after his partner died of AIDS. It's such a moving and personal piece. I never got to see this in person, but love it all the same.

David and I taking our piece of candy.

I have my print hanging in my studio now. 

His work is so great, I think interactive/instillation art is my favorite type, because being able to touch something makes it so much more personal.


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