Monday, July 16, 2012

music {video} monday

Controversial music videos. 

There are quite a few, trust me. Today I'm going to talk about some recent ones and one classic. The first one is Kanye West Runaway. It's basically a full length movie, since it's 34 minutes long. No matter what you think of Kanye (especially after that episode at the VMA's a few years ago) the ballet scene in this video is stunning (14 minutes). Be advised since it is Kanye there is inappropriate language and one of the girls is dressed like a bird and partially naked and it gets pretty sensual around 27 minutes

Lady Gaga Marry the Night

No matter how you feel about Gaga, she makes you talk. I think that's her only goal even if you are talking about how you don't like her, you're still talking about her. I feel like the middle of this video is partially an homage to the 90's. A bedazzeler?

Madonna Like a Prayer

The original controversial artist. I mean she mixes sex and prayer. A classic Madonna song and a controversial video that got her Pepsi advertisement pulled in the 80s. 

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