Wednesday, January 2, 2013

a year behind, a year ahead


You were the hardest and best year of my life, that's about all there is to say.

4 simple goals for 2013

1. simplify our life

This goes for so many things. What we eat, how many clothes we have, my craft room, my business, the amount of dishes we have. If we have fewer things we will be able to spend less time cleaning them and picking them up. Which leaves more time for reading and being creative and spending time with each other.

2. read more

This year I got busy in September and forgot about reading. Then once I was out of the habit I just couldn't get back into it. I have quite a few books on our giant book shelf that I haven't read so I don't even have to buy any books to read. :)

3. apply to 10 craft fairs

For some reason my crafts sell much better at craft fairs than they do online and I'm still trying to get myself out there more so this can be something I do part/full time. Its really my dream so I need to give this the time it deserves to make it a possibility.

4. use my camera every day (and not my iPhone camera).

I really want to get back into using my film cameras and my DSLR. I might come up with a 365 theme idea but I haven't fully decided yet.


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