Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Spring is just around the corner which means new baby chicks!!!

We are adding 15 to our flock this spring and can't wait to get them (we are waiting till April after our vacation to buy them so we will be here to take care of them).

We seriously love having chickens. They are our pets. We pet them, and hold them, and give them treats. (I'm planing on baking a corn meal cake for their birthday in May, and I'm completely serious).

Here are some of the new breeds we are thinking about getting. Do any of you have the same breeds? Do you like them?





The ones we have now are these two. And we love them. The differences between them is crazy, though. The Orpingtons have been bread and bread to be what they are and I think it's made them stupider than the others.



Also I finished the new logo what do you think? I'm still working on a few more things. I'm going to make my prior posts (Friday Features & Inspiration) searchable by images rather than a long list. I'd love your opinions.


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