Saturday, February 23, 2013

Oscars Highlights

Here are some of my favorite moments from years prior Oscars shows.

Tomorrow we are watching the show with David's parents. I love everything about the Oscars; the clothes, the glamour, the emotions. The movies are a big part of me so this night is really important for me to watch.

I think the 81st might me favorite. Hugh Jackman was an amazing host, and having prior winners talk about the nominees was one of the most touching things they have ever done.

I can't wait to see how this year goes. :)



  1. I actually don't have TV, so I'll be trying to live-stream things later, if possible. I did the same thing last year as well. Or I'll be haunting Twitter. Something like that. :) When I was a kid, I remember Billy Crystal hosting things a million times. He was always entertaining, then. I honestly couldn't tell you about some of the hosts in later years. I'm always stunned to watch the memoriam section. I love watching black and white movies, so I am always sad to see and learn that someone from one of my favorite movies has since passed.

    Enjoy watching tonight!

    1. In years past I have gone to the laundry mat to watch it or to a bar with a tv. haha.