Saturday, May 4, 2013

Link Love

Sincerely, Kinsey posted the second set of photos from her trip out west and they are fantastic. The one below is my favorite.

This candle DIY by Oh Happy Day is fantastic. I have always had an obsession with those prayer candles but never knew a way to make them cuter. This is it. I clearly wouldn't do them for a seating chart, but maybe an advent calendar and burn one each day. Or write words of encouragement for a friend. 

These two anchor prints are fantastic. And would make great tattoos. 

This tote is beyond fabulous.

And these pillows are amazing (here and here). Actually everything in this Etsy store is great.

We've been thinking about painting one wall in the nursery with a pattern and I'm dying over how cute this one is. 

This set of salad bowls is great. 

I hadn't heard of these "Baby Lit" books until Dani from Sometimes Sweet posted a link to Our City Lights post about them and now I'm dying to have the whole collection. 

And I heard about this service called The Period Store, and was like where has this been all my life? I might seriously try it one time after I give birth. 

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