Thursday, June 20, 2013

modern farmer - a print publication

david and I love a good print magazine. I love martha, real simple, and kinfolk just to name a few. And now we have another one to add to our list,

m o d e r n   f a r m e r

Here are two of the articles we love from them:

A hand written article from an Amish Organic Farmer about the benefits of Organic. So interesting. I love the hand drawn diagram of the nesting system and the old field log. So great.

 And a guide to choosing the chicken thats right for you.

Their magazine is a wealth of information for small scale farmers like us, or even if you are getting into gardening or raising chickens. We just love the quality of the publication. It's printed on nice matte paper with high quality photography, two things that are insanely important to me. 

Pick up a copy at your local book store or in their online store

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