Monday, September 2, 2013

Natural Birth Care

Here are a few items I found super helpful during labor and then while I was recovering. 


Hand Sanitizer - I used to be against this stuff, but when you're done cleaning you kids butt at 3:30 in the morning it's good to know your hands will be clean when you go back to bed.

Natra Care New Mother Pads - I wasn't to keen on using the mega plastic pads the hospital sends you home with so I ordered two boxes of these, which lasted until I could switch to regular pads.

Sitz Bath - Super helpful in the healing process. I started sewing it into coffee filters so I could steep it easier for taking the baths. 


Nipple Cream - Helps ease your nipples into breastfeeding. And you don't have to worry about your little one eating if you put it on recently, a big plus!

Earth's Best Newborn Diapers - We have cloth, but our little Junebug was just to small for them when she was born. Plus you don't really want to do diaper washing the first two weeks.

Flushable Wipes - Once you stop using the Peri-bottle you will want these trust me. It makes the transition back to TP not scary. 

Magnesium Oil - This is a natural muscle relaxer (topical). It helped me in early labor with back pain, which is great. Then I used it for the first few days on my back and legs to help with the soreness.

Rhoid Balm - Lets be honest if you have a vaginal labor you will have hemorrhoids. They are no fun, but this stuff seriously helped them heal so much faster. It has witch hazel which helps numb them as well.

Well these are just a few things I found helpful, do you know of any other things you loved for labor or recovery?

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