Monday, March 1, 2010

ten - nineteen

i have been very busy and very sick, therefore i will be playing catch-up right now.

ten: a photo of me taken over ten years ago.
with my brother and two cousins. i'm the girl with bangs and curly hair in the middle

eleven: a photo of me taken recently
on the golden gate bridge with my best friend

twelve: whatever i want
i love this photo, mostly because i want that couch. my wall is similar, but more organized... haha.

thirteen: a fictional book
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

fourteen: a non-fictional book
A testament of Hope: Essential Writings and Speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

fifteen: a fanatic

not sure i understand this, but i'm guessing what am i a fanatic of?

sixteen: a song that makes me cry

I don't know if I have a song that makes me cry. i think music can definitely make me happier, but i don't know about sad. i guess the closest would be
"In the Garden" the old hymn, we sang it at my grandpa's funeral, so it makes me remember.

seventeen: an art piece
right now i'm doing research on Cycladic idols so i will use that because picking one piece of art would be very hard for me to do.

eighteen: whatever
i really really really want to live in an airstream trailer.

nineteen: a talent of mine
photography... i'm best at candid.

whew. all for now. sleep to get better.

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