Friday, March 5, 2010

twenty - twenty three

I know I'm being such a slacker by combining these. (boo) but it is giving me ideas about things to write.

Day 20: A hobby of mine.
I like to knit and crochet. I'm not that good at either I can't read patterns and I what i make almost always has errors, but its a
fun way to pass the time when you are watching a movie/tv.

Day 21: A recipe.
For this I will reroute you to Enlightened Cooking's Recipie for Black Bean Burgers. Oh my they are so so so good. Here is a photo of the ones I made a few weeks ago.


Day 22: A website.
They make a magazine out of people's photographs that are submitted online. Only the best idea ever. You should join, subscribe,
vote and buy. Seriously great.

Day 23: A YouTube video.
ASL - Party in the USA.

this video is the best thing ever. I love sign language and things that 14 year old girls do {miley} so it's perfect that this video was made to combine them. And the guy is just so much fun to watch.

In other news Pam and Jim had their baby on the office and it was so stinkin' cute I couldn't stand it.

In personal news I ordered new glasses frames! and I bought a fujifilm polaroid mini camera!!!!!!!! i'm freaking excited about this.


  1. hi sara! i like your blog! i'm gonna follow you, too. how do you like your fujifilm camera? i've been thinking about investing in one...

  2. i love mine. i just got it and can't stop using it!

    buy off of ebay it's the best deal!