Friday, March 5, 2010

twenty four

24: whatever i want

phew. This could be a hard one, but today I will talk about where I work.

I love this place, seriously. I know not everyone loves where they work, but I do. It's my family. We take care of each other and spend all our time together. I'm there every single day, even if i'm not working. We serve great products that you can be proud of and that's where my heart is.


It's our chance to have a direct connection with people in 3rd worlds who grow our coffee, and do it well. We only serve fair-trade and organic coffee and tea. I want to travel to meet these people someday. Shake their hand, hug them, learn what they do and tell them how much it means to me.

We also have live music, and concerts during the summer, which are the best. We also have had Toms Shoes, Coffee Bike Campaign, andBetter World Books.

We want to help as many people as possible through great service and great coffee.

I love my job.

all for now.

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