Sunday, March 7, 2010

twenty five

25: my day in great detail, thank goodness i actually did things today.

7:30 - wake up

get dressed

drive to get allie

go to GH & meet others

leave for chicago

drive for 2 hours

pass new windmills they are building

get to intelligentsia

have coffee tour of roaster

meet other competitors for next week.

drink coffee

drive to lunch

eat lunch at milk and honey (so yummy)

buy things at renegade store next door

drive back

miss my showing of alice ;(

call everyone to see if someone will go with me later

no takers, exchange my ticket for a later time

come home

watch modern family

work on homework

go to the movies

enjoy alice

go to wal-mart (i know but its all that's open)

come home and type this

next i am going to bed.

i think that's about as detailed as i can get.

all for now.

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