Sunday, May 15, 2011

I am alive!!!

In the past few weeks I have finished my last year of college, worked at least 40 hours at GH if not more, and moved to a new apartment. Praise Jesus it's time to rest.

I am living at "the fish bowl" a house on campus where a few girls from church/work all live. :) I have my own room and am loving being so close to work.

I have the next few days off of work so expect alot of blogging and photos of my new space + some DIYs and maybe updating my esty (i know i say that like all the time but I think i really can do it).

Also the garden is in full swing. kale, spinach, romaine, arugala, butterhead, and the tomatoes and snow peas are in the ground.

Here are some photos i've enjoyed lately.

All for now.


  1. Congratulations on finishing college!!! :D that's an amazing accomplishment and what a relief!

    Also I love the gardening you're doing! I don't do it myself, my parents garden a lot, but I tend to our backyard plot when they let me hahah xD I just think it's amazing to plant something, tend to it, watch it grow, and harvest it to nourish yourself. I totally dig it. :)

  2. So good to see you abck, and by the looks of those photos, you are seeking freedom. Deep healing breaths, put your feet up (or not) but either way- have fun girl xxx