Monday, May 16, 2011

music {video} monday

Katie at Skunkboy Creatures posted this video yesterday and i instantly fell in love. I already adore the song.

So today Jess leaves for Ireland, a little jealous that i'm not going with her, but mostly excited to see all the photos and hear the stories.

And a few photos from today:

Here is my breakfast this morning. so so good.

My new wall of photos

and the book i'm currently reading. (i finished bossypants and just adored it).

all for now.


  1. love everything in this post.
    and your parfait looks so delicious!


  2. I will see you oh so soon! Hopefully when I'm coming through Laf to go home. I'll keep you updated and miss you always!

  3. Your breakfast looks so yummy lol!

    And I haven't heard about the Diving Bell and the Butterfly. I'll def look it up! :)

    and that just lovely