Saturday, March 17, 2012

making chemex, a how to

i thought a coffee DIY was needed since that's what i do all day. and i love a really good cup of coffee.

what you need.

chemex & filters
48g coffee
24oz hot water + extra for presoaking the filter

set your filter into your chemex, pour hot water in to get the glass hot and rinse the paper.

while the water runs through grind your coffee (about the size of sea salt)

pour out the water (leave the filter in, so it keeps the seal it made with the water)

add your coffee

pour only just enough to wet the grounds. a few drips of coffee might come through but don't worry. 

wait about 60 - 90 seconds and then start adding more water. this is called a bloom in coffee jargon.

Only pour the water in the center of the filter, not around the edges. this creates a vacum and pulls the water through to the center. 

once all the water has been poured in wait for it finish dripping (around 4 more minutes total of pour/brew time). then remove your filter and enjoy!

I would suggest using a nice African or light roasted Latin American coffee with this brew method. it makes a clean and bright cup of coffee.


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