Sunday, March 18, 2012

movie tailers

so i love the movies. 

it's a complete story that you can watch in just a few hours. a really good one makes you cry or cheer for the characters. you remember the lines and quote them. really excellent characters feel like old friends after you've watched them enough times. 

i love going to the movies and the drive-in. you get to see someone's talent and the magic of creating another world.

but enough rambling, here are some of my favorite trailers.

so tim burton's new film is a remake of a soap opera about a vampire. what do you think?

this is wes anderson's new movie moonrise kingdom. i can't wait to see this. the vintage hues and clever costumes already make me love it.

brave. pixar's new film looks so, so, so good.

then two films that are a long way from the theaters.

the great gatsby. with leo as gatsby. they knew how to make me love this book even more didn't they. i already love this book, and the movie with robert redford, but this looks divine.

and a musical remake of Les Mis√©rables. i only adore that musical. i think hugh jackman will be the best jean valjean. 


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