Thursday, May 10, 2012

artist: anna mendieta

It's hard to pick a favorite latin american artist when there is both her and Frida to consider. 

Her work was not about photography or video, though those are the forms it exists most in today. She was mixing performance art, body art, and land art and needed a way to document it, but it existed only in the moment she created it. 

She is most well know for two series, Blood Sign and Silueta Works.

Her early death was a tragic loss for the art community. 

I had the privilege of seeing a collection of her work at the Art Institute of Chicago last fall.

Here is a video from the SFMOMA. 


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  1. argh! i LOVE ana mendieta and frida! you are right hard to pick a favourite, but their work is pretty different so we can love both!
    i'd read books about mendieta but hadn't seen any of her work in 'the flesh' until quite recently when I saw a film of a performance of hers at the Tate - mindblowing.x