Thursday, January 24, 2013


So last week I went to the Big Central Regional Barista Competition in Kansas City, MO. I was a volunteer and took two of our baristas from Greyhouse. It was a blast. I just love being around people who are so passionate about coffee. We stayed with our friend Sam and ate so much good food it was crazy. Here is a panorama from the WWI memorial that overlooks the city. (it's a little blurry because it was so windy we could barely stand still)

I'm in full planning mode over here. I have some new embroidered jewelry pieces in the works, as well as lots of baby DIYs because lets face it you knew that would happen the second I was having a baby. (Which I'm 16 weeks today only 4 more till we know if it's a boy or a girl!)

We are also planning on going to New Orleans in March with two of our friends who live in Florida. I couldn't be more excited to explore a new city.

I'm also really excited for Valentines day. I don't necessarily get all sappy that day, but I do love the candy and making valentines for my friends. ETSY posted these suckers and I think I might have to make some (but with no food coloring, and natural flavors, and maybe honey instead of corn syrup... haha). 

Have a great day I will be back tomorrow with Friday Feature!


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