Monday, March 4, 2013


So I have a photography degree, and would love to share my work with more people. I just never knew how. I'm not into color prints, because I use color film and an 8x10 from film just doesn't seem appealing (I would want it to be much larger). The other type of work I do is meant for the gallery setting, prints made onto fabric using cyanotype. Not easily re-producable. But then about a year ago I started seeing photography sold as engineering prints. (The amazingly talented Debbie Carlos)

I thought this is a medium I could get behind. So I've been thinking and thinking about what to print this way. And finally it came to me. Polaroids. Square prints turned black and white, that I have a thousand of. The first set of prints will be from my Roadtrip three years ago. They are still some of my favorite Polaroids I have ever taken.

So look for these over the next few months. I really couldn't me more excited. I'll share test prints and my struggles along the way of course.


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