Monday, June 10, 2013

A little bit of everything...

It's been ages. I know. So just a few little updates about life right now.

I'm currently 35 weeks 5 days pregnant. We are almost at the 30 day mark. THAT'S INSANE.

We got new baby chicks that are just the cutest little things ever.

We are re-doing the bathroom at the farmhouse before bambino gets here because we found out the tub was leaking.

>This means we have no bathroom at our house. Therefore we are living at David's parents (it is conveniently about 80-100 yards from our house.

I'm taking this time pre-baby, and away from house chores to prep my etsy, like i've always wanted. I'm sewing bunches and bunches of great things, my little fingers are working to the bone. So once I'm done sewing things I'll be photographing them and updating my shop. I'll be posting the newly streamlined line after the bambino is here. I'll be closing my shop for the month of July while I have a baby and work on this goal.

In the meantime I'll keep sharing bits of what I'm working on here, but that's probably it for a while. I'm taking time for myself and bambino.

Here's a photo of some of my skyline hoops. I have Seattle, Paris, St. Louis, Chicago, NYC, and San Francisco. They will be available in your choice of colors both fabric, and thread.

And here is a view of the four poster prints I will have in the shop.  They are 3ft x 3ft engineering prints of polaroids I took on a road trip out west a few years ago. The Motel sign is from Iowa, Public Market is Pike's Place Market, The bridge is the Golden Gate Bridge, and the dirt road is in the middle of nowhere Montana. I love them and we have one hanging in our house currently. :)

Here is one of the polaroids, this one is the Golden Gate Bridge. 

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  1. :D
    ( I'm glad to hear about the bathroom redo! Expansion everywhere!)
    Love the skylines as well.....
    Take care, mama sara! :D